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As I'm sure I have stated with enthusiasm here before, one of the highlights of my teaching in Denmark is this particular type of bread they have at the local supermarket bakery. I found it by accident the first time, and ever since, the first thing I do when I get into town is go buy some bread and butter and stuff myself on it, and the last thing I do is get a loaf or two and freeze them so they'd survive the trip in my luggage, and I can have that wonderful pampasbrød for a couple weeks back in England.

The last time I went, they'd stopped making the loaf – it was available in baguette and bun form, but the texture of those is quite different and neither really captured the joy of the original. Luckily, I'd saved the ingredients list – one of the reasons I started learning how to make bread was to recreate this at home – and while it doesn't list proportions, I hope at some point my experience in baking (such as it is) and memory of the Real Thing might combine to get me at least most of the way there.

The little ingredients tag has been floating around my room for long enough, so in my lifelong fight with little bits of paper, I'm copying out the ingredients list here for future reference. If you like baking and want to give it a go, by all means feel free to do so! If pampasbrød could spread around the world, that might be one small counter to all the awfulness these days.

  • wheat flour

  • water

  • durum wheat flour

  • pumpkin seeds

  • malted barley meal

  • salt

  • yeast

  • wheat gluten

  • dried sour rye (rye flour, culture)

  • malted wheat meal

  • dextrose

  • barley malt extract

  • cornmeal (I think this was only on the base, to keep it from sticking)

... and then trace things like acidity regulators and emulsifiers which you get in commercial bakeries (E412, E472e, and E300 if you want to look them up).

Date: 2017-04-20 12:32 pm (UTC)
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Here's a recipe as well. http://mettevinther.dk/2013/04/pampas-stykker-a-la-mette/
If you R-click and translate to English, there's a word translated as "selling" in the first bit - a mistranslation, as vand means water (had a Danish BF back in the day).

Date: 2017-04-20 12:38 pm (UTC)
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Good luck!

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