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Good morning! It is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! And you loyal followers of my old-fashioned blog get first dibs!

You may need to manually enter "0" in the price field to make it work, but I tried it last night and it does. You are of course welcome to put some other number if you are moved to do so, but may I venture, that is entirely against the spirit of Free Comic Book Day.

>>> GET IT HERE!! <<<
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Everything's all lined up to go ... watch this space! Or one of my alternate spaces, it's up to you!

Now pardon me, but I'm putting Sarah Slean's "Perfect Sky" on loop ...
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You can also keep your weather eye here, of course. Like I'm not going to talk about it here.
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Given that medical insurance Stateside is going to be up in the air for the next couple of years, a friend of mine who lives there has compiled this very useful list of low-cost, mainly independent health care resources, and generously given me permission to share it. I hope this information can be valuable to someone!

Free/Low-Cost Medical & Dental Clinics:

Requires free registration for full details, but users can get contact info for all listed clinics without registering.

Teaching Clinics:

If you have a college/university in your area, check to see if it has a teaching clinic that handles your health issue. Most teaching clinics charge very low fees, and some offer ongoing treatment. Medical students help doctors provide the care. Usually you'll have to let a few students observe at least part of your assessment or treatment in exchange - confidentiality laws apply.

$4 Drug Program

Program run by several major US stores. They offer lots of generic meds for between $4 - $10 per month. Includes most major mental health meds, epilepsy meds, and non-stimulant ADHD meds. Most member stores also include birth control, diabetes meds/supplies, and meds for a wide range of physical illnesses and disabilities.


Searchable nationwide database where you can find the most affordable pharmacies for a particular medication in your area. Covers meds for both humans and pets. Also offers pharmacy coupons and prescription discount cards.


Searchable nationwide database of free and low-cost medical and dental clinics; prescription assistance programs; pharmacy coupons and prescription discount cards; discount programs for certain medical procedures; and medical bill mediation resources. Covers meds for both humans and pets.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Database of all US drug companies' prescription assistance programs. Qualifying people can get many medications for little or no cost through these programs. People can apply for them through the site. Also has a nationwide database of free/low-cost clinics, including mental health services. Users must set up an account to get most of the database info.


Nationwide site for people to buy/sell secondhand home health equipment. Items include wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids, lifts, ramps, beds, batteries, wheelchair vans, and daily living items. 3rd-party site - items are NOT checked before resale.

Zenni Optical

Use your glasses prescription to order eyewear here. Most glasses are under $30/pair. Also handles bifocals, prescription sunglasses, and many complex prescriptions.

SAMHSA Services Locator
1-800-487-4889 TDD

Government program's database of mental health and addiction treatment resources nationwide. Call, or search the database, for options in your area. Includes free peer support and self-help groups, as well as clinics and other places that charge fees.
Database and any resources getting SAMHSA funding may be affected by any future changes in health care laws.

Health insurance for people who were in foster care:


If you were ever in foster care in the US, and you are between 18-26 years old, you can automatically get state Medicaid health care until you turn 27. Follow the directions at this page to sign up.
This program may be affected by future changes in health care laws.

12-Step Programs

Use the meeting locators on these sites to find an in-person meeting in your area. Many of these programs also have online and phone meetings. Note - these programs had a Christian religious basis, but being Christian/religious is NOT required; some groups will discuss religion more than others


Alcoholics Anonymous: http://www.aa.org
Narcotics Anonymous: http://www.na.org
Al-Anon/Alateen: http://www.al-anon.alateen.org
Nar-Anon: http://www.nar-anon.org


Adult Children of Alcoholics: http://www.adultchildren.org
For people who grew up with bad parenting in general - not just alcoholic parents

Overeaters Anonymous: http://www.oa.org
For compulsive eating, anorexia, bulimia

Emotions Anonymous: http://www.emotionsanonymous.org
For people with mental/emotional health issues: depression, grief, compulsive behavior, fear/panic disorders, anxiety, anger problems

Co-Dependents Anonymous: http://www.coda.org

Eating Disorders Anonymous: http://www.eatingdisordersanonymous.org

Refuge Recovery

Anonymous peer counseling and meditation groups for addiction and codependency treatment. For any addictive behavior, not just substance abuse. Buddhist religious basis, but being Buddhist/religious NOT required. Use meeting locator on site to find a local group. Online and phone meetings also available.
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If you won something in the last auction, want a kitty drawing, and haven't yet let me know, please do so today so I can send off all the packages tomorrow.

Thank you!!
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The last batch of stuff is up on eBay! Mostly books, some Disney paraphernalia, and a blown glass barometer which is very handsome and deserves to live somewhere with actual weather.

Check it out here!

As before, if you win something and let me know you found it through my blog, you're entitled to an Itty Bitty Kitty drawing – including (possibly) the one you see on this post.

Roll Call

Sep. 24th, 2013 11:45 am
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The Itty Bitty Kitty Fund auction was a great success! Thanks to one and all who bid on anything – even if you were outbid, you helped.

I'd like to start shipping things Wednesday (tomorrow), so if you're reading this and haven't yet let me know you won something, please do so, so I can slip a kitty doodle in your package ... I'd hate to send something off and then get a note from you.

Email is good (you can find it in the userinfo), I'm checking the notes on PayPal notifications, you can send a message in eBay or through the private message function of any of my blogs.

Thanks again, from Spaz, her mummy, and me!
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Hey all –

Just a reminder that my auctions on eBay are coming up Sunday night. Buy some books, help a kitty! Specifically Spaz, pictured [left].

If you win an auction, send me a note that you came through my blog and I'll draw you a picture!

A few remaining odds and ends will be listed in the coming weeks but this is the big whack, so please check it out while you have the chance.



Jul. 2nd, 2012 03:16 pm
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This is why I should always be steadily stocked with work, at work:


I am not – repeat NOT – abandoning this blog. Or the other one. Just ... diversifying. Those of you on Tumblr, feel free to follow; those not, you're not missing anything.

... Well, aside from an endless stream of clips I've recorded off Radio 4, because I hoard radio like little old ladies hoard bits of string, and if anyone had told me how easy it was to share audio clips on Tumblr I would have signed up years ago ... but I will try to link them here as well.
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The Secret of Kells is coming to Region 1 DVD/Blu-Ray on October 5th! Then there will be no excuses!
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I know many people thought it would never happen, but ...

I updated my website.

There's a page now for all the Worst Journey stuff, just in time for CENTENARY FEVER! (I jest.) The Discworld and assorted Harry Potter pages have had the stuff I've drawn in the last two years distributed to their respective homes, and everything else has been tossed in the junk drawer of Utter Miscellany. Please let me know if anything's broken or misspelled ...
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Apologies to everyone I've ever emailed; someone hacked my Gmail and sent out an ad for ... something, I don't even know what it is. Needless to say, don't click on it! I've notified the abuse team and changed my password so hopefully that's all a thing of the past ...
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My most excellent friend [livejournal.com profile] ubiquitouspitt has just won a place in an exchange program to go study history and international relations in London for a year, but needs to raise some funds in order to make the trip. Luckily she has some wicked art skills up her sleeves and is ready to unleash them on the world (for a price...). She's looking for commissions! Here's her spiel:

Finished sketch: $10
Inked drawing: $20
Coloured drawing: $30

Promptness guaranteed.
Price negotiable.

Keep in mind, I am anticipating character sketches. If you want me to draw an elaborate background, multiple characters, or a fleet of X-wings, I may be required to charge a higher fee ;)

You can see more of her work at DeviantArt or behind the cut. )
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Okay, it's been officially announced so I can pass it on:

Limited release NY & LA 25 Nov 2009
Nationwide* release 11 Dec 2009

That's a month earlier than the original schedule, in case you didn't know. It's very smart business-wise but at the same time AAAAAAH. Did I mention I'm busy? :)

*and presumably Canadian
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If you are in the habit of watching daytime TV, you might want to make a special effort to watch The View on Wednesday. All week they're broadcasting from the Disney lot (having set up their 'studio' conveniently close to the Starbucks, I might add) and Wednesday they're talking to John Lasseter and doing movie-related stuff. I strongly advise checking it out. Should anything end up on YouTube afterwards I'll link to it but in the meantime ... [significant look, raised eyebrow]
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Just saw Frost/Nixon.


In other news, it was fantastic.* Wonderfully written, very well shot, and the production design made me cringe with all the vigour that only the 1970s can induce. The fact that I like it so much speaks wonders for it,** as it's a topic I know little about, have little interest in, and involved such a scungy time period and crowd (I mean, politicians and media types? Bleh!). I was surprised at both how suspenseful and funny it was, even at the same time. But mostly I was just watching Michael Sheen's perfect facial acting and million-watt smile. Heee.
*Possibly because of Moist, but I spotted at least two objectively movie-making things that were completely non-Moist related
**Unless of course it's all down to Moist

I also saw all the Oscar-nomtinated shorts today – I'm sticking with 'La maison en petits cubes' to win because 'Lavatory Lovestory,' while arguably uglier, was too cute and simple to rake in the art points. 'This Side Up' was a very pleasant surprise, though I may be biased by the dark humour and wackiness and also the BBC production credit at the beginning ... it was like Edward Gorey meets Warner Bros. Neverthless, I still have a shred of hope, because 'The Danish Poet' did manage to win its year so someone out there knows entertainment...

By the way, this is my ONE THOUSANDTH POST! Ring in the new millennium with some craaaazy wallpaper action!
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Dearest Commissionaires:

Life has taken a turn for the ridiculously crazy since I took your commissions and I thank you heartily for your patience while also begging your forgiveness. I thought I should warn you that it doesn't look like it'll settle down any time before March or so. If you're renting a P.O. box or are holding your breath for any other sort of reason, use that information to your advantage however you see fit. If this is just getting stupidly drawn-out for you and you want it over with, send me an email and I'll be happy to reimburse you and call it quits.

With all due respect,


P.S. The current craziness also means that planned website updates (HP7 art, dreams, etc) are postponed until further notice.


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