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This started out as a tiny drawing of Rockin' Judas (see JCS post below). At some point in my life I saw a photo or clip of one production where Judas wore a leather jacket, one thing led to another, and now I can't help picturing him as Crowley. Which, you know, works. Then as I was drawing him he kind of turned into David Tennant for a moment, which, you know, also works: he'd probably make a really good Crowley. So take your pick! He is who you like! And I managed to scrounge up enough old artwork that I hardly needed to put in any effort this Lent (says the person just finishing her dinner break at 10:20 pm and going back to work for a few hours) so look who's coming out ahead! YEAH!

By the way, would anyone be entertained if I posted more of my teenage comic? I ought to scan the whole thing anyway, and if it's got an audience I might as well post it as it gets scanned, but I don't want it to get annoying. I promise the drawing and writing get better (but not before the hilariously awful Genie makes an appearance ... and disappearance).
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It was a tradition in the household in which I lived during most of my time in Canada that we'd come home from church and put on some loud choral music we could sing along with while we made brunch. Sometimes it was Carmina Burana, sometimes Mozart's Requiem, but during Lent, especially towards Holy Week, more often than not it was Jesus Christ Superstar. I realized last week how much I missed that, so on my way home from church I stopped in the CD store and found a copy – it wasn't the original cast, in fact I couldn't find a mention of the production or cast on it anywhere, but I got it anyway because it was the only complete recording they had, and might as well expand my horizons a little. Differences ...  )

Has anyone else noticed that an inordinate number of Webber's musicals are about the ramifications of fame?

Anyway, it's been a long time since I listened to it, and it got me thinking again about how controversial it is in some circles. I'm not surprised, because I know people will get offended at anything, but ... see, my mom spent all of maybe five minutes explaining the premise to me when I was a child, and even though I've never seen a performance and I don't recall ever hearing the whole musical before college, just that explanation had a profound effect on my perception of the Passion. Even now it's still my favourite dramatic interpretation of it, and the focus on the power of the fickle mob probably predisposed me to René Girard's mind-bending theories. I started to write a point-by-point list guessing at what people might find offensive and then explaining why they're full of crap, but it started to get really long so I stopped ... might post it someday if anyone's interested but I don't have the time right now to finish it or to join the conversation it might start. Instead I decided to offend more people by illustrating a mondegreen! Left-Handed Blasphemy )

Happy Draw

Aug. 1st, 2006 01:23 am
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Happy Draw! )

Ave Radio 4

Jul. 5th, 2006 09:44 pm
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Silverscreen Beats takes a look at the music in Jesus Christ Superstar. Quite interesting. If you like it, the other shows this week feature music from other Jesus movies – King of Kings, Godspell, Life of Brian, and (on Friday)The Last Temptation of Christ.
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Well, it started with The Amazing Maurice [who is a cat] and his Educated Rodents... Voyez )

Then I happened to find a recording of Cats at my usual used CD place. Voyez en plus )

I was by no means catted out by the end of the day, but I went to a coffee shop near my place with a friend to go sketch for a couple of hours and managed a couple of halfway-decent things. Voyez enfin )

I realise with a shudder that I am better at drawing on a Cintiq now than on paper ... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.
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The weather's warm, the birds are singing, and Sunset Boulevard has once again taken up residence in its summer home, a.k.a. my CD player.

To the last phrase of the line "So much in common, they fall in love ... wouldn't you?" from "Boy Meets Girl (Reprise)", Act II.

Just a thumbnail. Dunno if it'll go further.

WHAT I LEARNED TODAY: Don't try to thumbnail with a blunt pencil.
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Before starting Night Watch this morning (I listened to Les Mis yesterday and there are lilacs busting into bloom all over so it was imperative) I had been reading Carpe Jugulum and was particularly struck by the strong visual impression this scene made on me:

It's Agnes Nitt being taken on a fly by Vlad Magpyr (who does look a bit like a genetic experiment to combine Tom Riddle and Draco Malfoy). I don't know if the sense of space comes across as clearly in pencil lines as it does in the full-colour mental movie complete with a slight BG drift, but ... I try.

11:57 am
If Esme Weatherwax had been the one to go to Shiz instead of Elphaba ... Wicked would be an entirely different story.
And probably a lot more interesting.

Now we sing dis stupid song!
Sing it as we march along!
Why we sing dis we don't know!
We can't make der words rhyme prop'ly!
Sound off! One! Two!
Sound off! Many! Lots!
Sound off! Er ... what?

(Edited to add the end bit and thus discourage further confusion with other rabble-rousing anthems)


Mar. 1st, 2005 12:23 pm
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Like eating fresh strawberries in December and sledding in July, listening to the Evita soundtrack when it is not summer feels strangely out of season.

It is amusing, though, to picture Puss in Boots narrating it instead of Floppy Hair Man.

7:14 pm - Librarian Miscellany
General Announcement: Would the person who's hogging A Tale of Two Cities (part 1) PLEASE return it to the library so I can pick it up along with the Part 2 that is currently languishing in the Holds section, which I don't want to pick up immediately in case it comes due before you return Part 1. I realize that you probably want to check out the Part 2 that is waiting for me, so I promise that I will watch both parts and return them as quickly as possible, but I can't do that until you bring back Part 1! Besides, it was due Monday, so you'll be racking up the fines there - $1 a day, you know. It's better for everyone if you just bring it back.

I collected from the other library a copy of The Art of Discworld, a book full of beautiful, glorious drawings and paintings by Paul Kidby, as well as commentary by both him and Mr. Pratchett. To anyone who thinks they can teach themselves to draw by looking at my drawings: CHECK OUT PAUL KIDBY!!! I'm not kidding! On top of just being a great artist, I defer to him in all things visual about Discworld because nine times out of ten, his vision is almost exactly what mine would be if it were about 225x cooler. The only exception is Carrot ... I'm in disagreement with his image of Carrot. But that's it. There is no Death but Kidby's (um... but not in that way). There is no Rincewind but Kidby's. There is no Librarian but Kidby's. Etc etc etc etc. Even if you don't know anything about Discworld, check out his stuff anyway!

The library makes me feel warm and happy.


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