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A while ago, a group of us from work went to karaoke, and one of the songs someone picked made my inner emo teenager go 'OMG liek that is totally the Doctor :*] !!!1'

Luckily the Internet does not fail me, and provides a music video!

Fear not the crazy editing at the beginning! It settles down as soon as the song starts.
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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we here at Contorted Pasta usually attempt to avoid anything that might lead to Politics like the plague. Though I suppose one has to visit the plague every once in a while to remember what makes it so ... plaguey ...

In other news, isn't Doctor Who awesome! Here, have a Look from Ten, he's giving them out for free. I'm nearly done Season 2* which means moving on to Season 3 and we all know what that means ... OH YES, The Lazarus Experiment! Never mind all that ... shippy stuff. At least I hope that's how it'll work out. Mad Scientist Mark Gatiss trumps hours and hours of hormones, right? Right? Amourous fanon invading my canon, grumble grumble mutter and sneer ... If things get too bad at least I can hit up the library for whatever Old Who they might have.

So I fixed the picture ... I say, he is fun to draw. It helps being a live action cartoon character, I suppose. My goodness, am I ever productive today. :P

*and I call myself a fan!
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I found this part of On the Outside It Looked Like an Old Fashioned Police Box really interesting, as I've been thinking a lot about character development lately. An easy way to make a character more real is to get inside their head, recording their thoughts (if it's a book*) or filming things from their point of view (if it's a film**). But the following segment made me realize you don't have to do this to have a strong character – we have no doubt who The Doctor is, but we only ever see him from the outside. I suppose this makes a lot of sense, really; you know your friends very well – what they like and dislike, would do and wouldn't do, how they would react to a given situation – but you never ride around in their heads. Anyway, enough from me:

Mark Gatiss and Russell T Davies on Writing the Doctor )

*Going Postal is one of the very best, in this regard
**Not literally P.O.V. shots (though that's not out of the question) but telling the story, visually, as they would tell it ... everyone has a different version of events and if you can find how your character would tell a story, what they would notice and how they would present other people and situations, that says almost as much about them as it does the story at hand.

Radio Pimp

Jun. 24th, 2009 06:04 pm
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Time for another installment in our recurring series of assorted BBC radio links!

1. On the Outside It Looked Like An Old-Fashioned Police Box
Mark Gatiss discusses the novelizations of Doctor Who episodes back in ye olden days before DVDs. There's a great bit at the end regarding character development and why we are never allowed to get inside the Doctor's head (but nevertheless he is such a strong character, go fig!). Good till Tuesday. (Mark Gatiss!)

2. Old Harry's Game
Something you will never ever see Stateside: a sitcom set in Hell. Think Screwtape Letters meets Terry Pratchett. This is the first episode I ever heard! The line about terror being an abstract noun hooked me for life. Good till Wednesday.

3. Off the Page: Trivia
A panel of experts talks about the place of trivia in our minds and day-to-day lives, the differences between male and female brains, the education system and Random Facts vs The Big Picture, and all sorts of fun thinky stuff. Good till Monday.

4. Empath Man
This was the Afternoon Reading on Radio 4 last week; luckily its author recorded his own little podcasty-thing so it's still available. Empath Man, superhero for a new millennium! Bringing down bad guys with listening skills and self-actualization! Originally three parts, I could only find the first, but the first is my favourite so that's okay. ... except that [livejournal.com profile] bluejeans07 just found Part 2!

Has anyone else noticed the new controls on the iPlayer?* They're so nice! It hardly skips or drops the stream anymore, either! And it does that thing it used to do way back before the new system where it'll remember where you left off on a show. [happy sigh]

*How blithely I assume everyone spends as much time on the iPlayer as I do...
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This started out as a tiny drawing of Rockin' Judas (see JCS post below). At some point in my life I saw a photo or clip of one production where Judas wore a leather jacket, one thing led to another, and now I can't help picturing him as Crowley. Which, you know, works. Then as I was drawing him he kind of turned into David Tennant for a moment, which, you know, also works: he'd probably make a really good Crowley. So take your pick! He is who you like! And I managed to scrounge up enough old artwork that I hardly needed to put in any effort this Lent (says the person just finishing her dinner break at 10:20 pm and going back to work for a few hours) so look who's coming out ahead! YEAH!

By the way, would anyone be entertained if I posted more of my teenage comic? I ought to scan the whole thing anyway, and if it's got an audience I might as well post it as it gets scanned, but I don't want it to get annoying. I promise the drawing and writing get better (but not before the hilariously awful Genie makes an appearance ... and disappearance).
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Finally, someone put Web of Caves on YouTube. This is the Dr Who spoof that almost gave me a stroke (not literally)! I couldn't actually watch most of it the first time through because I was laughing too maniacally.

BE IT KNOWN that I designed my version of Moist about a year before seeing this. Hence the reaction. I must thank Mr Gatiss, though, for providing such an excellent hair model so I didn't have to make complete guesswork out of the fringe.

So much glee. So much.
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Finished Doctor9 )
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The last episode of SHADA is up. Works till Sunday. At which point there will be a NEW series! Huzzah!


Aug. 10th, 2006 08:34 pm
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Left: The potrtait, done in charcoal by my ancestor Hans Costenoble in 1886 (thank you [livejournal.com profile] noodledaddy)
Right: William Hartnell, Doctor #1

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From the first season to The First Season ...

The library, bless it, had in their scanty DVD collection the very first Doctor Who series, from 1963. So I checked it out. Run away now, while you still have the chance!

Viva le William Hartnell )
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Itsy bitsy website update: I've finally put those pictures I drew at Christmastime on the Order of the Phoenix page (the OotP pictures, I mean, obviously; not all of them). A bigger update is coming when I finish converting the Odds & Ends section to list format, which will include the website debut of the rest of the HP stuff I drew this Christmas. The non-HP stuff is probably all up on the Miscellany page that was updated a few weeks ago, but if you can think of anything missing, please notify me.

Hey HP movie fans! Did you know Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) is in Shada? I'm not just lying to get you to listen to it, honest!
While you're there, The 99p Challenge is very amusing, and so is The Sunday Format and The Very World of Milton Jones. Go play!

I Saw 'The Empty Child'! (EDIT 12:52 pm 04 Aug - AND 'The Doctor Dances'!)Incoherent Babbling )

Happy Draw

Aug. 1st, 2006 01:23 am
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Happy Draw! )
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The end: Guards! Guards! Episode 6/6

The end of the beginning: Doctor Who: Shada Episode 2/6

EDIT [2:02 pm 26 July]
Holy cow! The've got Only You Can Save Mankind next week! The Pratchett fun never ends!


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