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My iPod decided today that I was going to listen to the Doctor Horrible soundtrack.

So much for getting an early night.
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I usually try to keep posts to one or two topics, but I'm afraid I come with a basket of loose ends today ...


A couple months ago a kind lady asked me to do an HP/Dr Horrible crossover for the annual FictionAlley April Fools ... thing ... Well, it was impossible to resist. Luckily I managed to squeeze this out just before work exploded. Dunno if it ever ended up on the site, but it's here now!

How to Train Your Dragon
    I was going to wait until the pain wore off before I wrote a review, but time is running out so I'm going to go with my first reaction, because in retrospect it might be the best thing I can say about the film. How to Train Your Dragon )
    Anyway, excellent film; has a few flaws but enough of the important stuff worked so well that I don't really care what they are even when they're staring me in the face. And, most importantly of all (personally), this coming so soon after Kung Fu Panda makes me ever so slightly less cynical about Dreamworks having the rights to The Bromeliad. I feel the need to push it because it is a crime it's been making less money than Monsters vs Aliens, which leads money people once again to the horrifying conclusion that American audiences (which are the only ones that matter – I wish I were joking) don't want good films. For the sake of quality entertainment, give them your dollars!

Everyone Loves GROCERIES!
    A new grocery store moved in a few blocks away which has a dark secret: it's owned by Tesco. Adventures in Cans and an Illustrative Clip. )
I, for one, welcome our new grocery overlords.

Revelations on Fanart
    Having picked up a bit of freelance in the vein of what I used to do for a living, I was brought face to face with a fact I'd never consciously articulated before. Secrets of the Universe )

Pluggity Plug Plug
    I was pointed to the band mentioned a few posts ago on the latest installment of Lovelace & Babbage vs The Organist, the latest series in a truly fantastic webcomic written and drawn by a friend of mine who spends most of her time animating CG creatures in live action films. Lovelace & Babbage started awesome and has continued to get better and better; just when I thought it was as awesome as it could be she posts Part 4, which introduces a floppy-haired bespectacled showboat of a villain and had me floating on waves of glee for the rest of the day. Curse that day job, this is far more beneficial to the human race.
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Got that? Got it? Okay:

Doctor Horrible on TV Tropes
Just look at this page! This is for a 44-minute web program. What the hell is wrong with us?

What I particularly like, aside from the overall brilliance, is the joy and love apparent from the writers. :D

Fortunately, this website has reminded me I need to type up my What Makes Dr Horrible So Awesome notes on Acts II and III, but unfortunately, its mesmerizing brilliance has kept me engrossed for far too long to start on that tonight. I shake my fist at you, [livejournal.com profile] lunylucy! My fist of gratitude and affection! [shake, shake, shake]

And for just a little bit of Lasseter-baiting, Expospeak! [runs away]
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There aren't many things I really really like, so when I find one, I try to figure out why. I've tried to keep this down to writing and directorial affairs, avoiding reference to the acting as best I can – it's fantastic and important but not what I'm trying to pick apart here. I'm trying to figure out what they did, and how they did it, in the hope that someday, somehow, I can use what I've learned. If I go on a bit too long, well, I'm just trying to process things.

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog went online literally right after I had written up some notes on a work-in-progress screening at work, and it effortlessly excelled in nearly all the things that I felt the first thing did poorly, so if it seems like I have a bone to pick in certain areas, well ... I do.

A Pre-Ramble )

ACT I - Establishment is Fun! )
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Went out on the town with Randeep and Lissa tonight ... the primary objective of our mission was the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, which is just as awesome as it sounds, if not more so on account of amazing and admirable attention to detail.

BUT ...

We got a little bit lost on the way there and discovered something else!

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I was doing some shopping on Amazon (ahem [innocent look]) and was greeted by this, after one purchase:

Customers who shopped for Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog also shopped for ...

Oh Horrible fans, you have no shame and I love you.

In case you were wondering, it is available on DVD now, and region-free so all you people shunned by iTunes can have your long-awaited joy.
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Hey, Internet! Guess what's finally on iTunes? Betcha can't guess!

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Soundtrack!

Professional sound quality! Crystal-clear stereo! No sound effects!* Official song titles! Individually packaged tracks that you can put on repeat!**

I live in the hope that perhaps, some glorious day soon, the nerds will unite and dethrone the album that is currently #1, which appears to be some sort of 'urban music.' So I do my part by spreading awareness. Be aware.

In celebration I was going to draw 'a shiny new Australia' but FAILED. This is probably the fault of one of two things: 1. The grinding of the mental transmission as my brain tried to switch fandom gears at full speed 2. It's actually really hard.

In return, here is a visual approximation of listening to the Snicket audio books As Read By The Author )

*Definitely cool re: such songs as 'A Man's Gotta Do...' but the second Bad Horse song kinda loses something without the whinny and the gunshot.
**Not that I would ever recommend doing such a thing. Or do so myself.
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Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is still online FREE*!
*with short but slightly irritating ads


EDIT: It appears even this is US-access only. (Or is it North America? Verification from Canada?) Bloody fences on the open range of cyberspace...

I've linked to Act One because in my opinion it loses something when you don't have to manually launch the next episode (which you do by scrolling down and finding its link), but if you want to watch it straight through there's that option too.
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You thought I was over it, didn't you? Didn't you? Fools! I have been stockpiling! My dorkiness was too extreme to leak onto the internet in drip feed! I might have come to my senses and halted the flow. But now – now! – here it all is in one repository of such colossal dorkitude as may unbalance the very Internet itself.

By 'colossal' I mean some doodles, two drawings, and the world's shortest music video. It's not about quantity, though, people ... it's concentration. Sheer density. Tread with caution, you may encounter instability.

Two-and-a-Bit Drawings )

OK, listen: if you haven't seen Dr. Horrible all the way though, DON'T WATCH THE FOLLOWING. It's all about what makes the emotional impact of the ending work (for me, anyway). In simple language: Hello, spoiler! If you know it's coming it won't work on you. So go watch the whole thing, come back, and .... well, that's more effort than this tiny clip deserves.

And if you do plan to watch it ... check your volume level now. Ready? Good.

A Short and Stupid Illustrative Slideshow )

Okay, someone expressed an interest, and because I need very little encouragement:
Frame by Frame! )

So, now that I've thrown away what credibility I might have had, and exhausted my ideas for gag sketches, I've pretty much run out of ways to express fangirlish enthusiasm. Alas. I'll have to do something actually useful now...
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Dear Mr. Whedon,

42:26, seriously?


Not like that. You people, sheesh.
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What's more fun than a dorky crossover gag? A crossover with a running joke!

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Of all the ways to see Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the best has got to be as the clock is ticking down to its disappearance from the Free Intarweb, in a small room full of friends, who are actually singing along.
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Who's been making inappropriate use of their time? Ooh, ooh, I know!

This started out as a doodle when I realized the ostinato guitar behind that first song in Act II sounded a lot like the bit in 'The Island' by the Decemberists. That's Colin Meloy, see? Oh, my sides split with laughter! Well because it was that part I imagined it lit like that and the bare pencil sketch just looked bare. So, four hours later ...

C'mon, I haven't had anything to obsess over in ages. Thbpbthpthbpb, shut up go away.

In case anyone is wondering (and I know someone is wondering) this is a big part of why I haven't posted much Deathly Hallows art. Not because I've been doing this – well, okay, partly because I've been doing this – but because the few illustrations for it that did enter my head entered it fully rendered and in colour, and would lose all purpose without it. And frankly, my dear ...

Part III

Jul. 19th, 2008 01:45 pm
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Oh, Mr Whedon.

Oh, you. You and your ... you.

Watch the whole thing for a paltry sum!

Edit: Hmm, I feel a rave about story structure and audience involvement rumbling. In the meantime ... [forks over paltry sum for permanent possession of quality entertainment]
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Who's the most loveable and pathetic supervillain on the block?

Whedon Woman and Clone High )

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, mosey on over HERE and enjoy! (The Plan is also entertaining but not as much as the real thing.) Or at the very least, crash their server again. It's only available to watch for free till the 20th, then you have to buy it off iTunes. (Cunning!) I have to admit I only found it mildly amusing the first time, but then I watched it again and watched the second episode and ... yeah. You can see what happened.

Oh, Joss Whedon, don't ever change. We need someone who's so good at character development and capable of being tongue-in-cheek and sincere simultaneously. Please clone yourself, or at least take an apprentice, so that your skills are not lost when you are inevitably taken back to your home planet (or go mad like George Lucas).


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