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Have you always wanted to give Tiana the runaround? Send her on a series of aggravatingly uncoordinated tasks in Disney's new Frog-based Web Game!

I found it raised all sorts of mysteries: Why does the ball's caterer have access to Charlotte's bedroom? When did the LaBouffs get a butler? Why is the not-Tabasco-for-legal-reasons vending cart staffed by someone from Belle's village? Why can't the lazy bum of a mask dealer pick up his own bloody necklaces? Why does Tiana feel she has to hide from Dr Facilier? Some past history there perhaps? Hmmmm?
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I am officially done on Frog. I handed in my last scene, have been removed from the mailing list, attributed my timecard to a different cost centre, and shaken hands with the associate producer. By Monday, the very last remaining scene in the film should be animated.

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Fandango has a Frog Pod too!

The Disney Legacy – in which Bruce, Andreas, Eric, and Mark talk about being fanboys emulating the Nine Old Men

No new footage but lots of face time!
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I have returned from my post-Frog head-clearing rail adventure! Have a Mark Henn!

The Princess[es] and the Animator

They actually filmed him in his office! Whoa! Also check out Yoshi's pencil scenes (the streetcar ones)! They are totally not Mark's!

Have some more exclamation points!!!!!
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New footage! Old footage! Reappropriating the Caffeine Patch! The TOP SECRET theatre! (That got a nice laugh when we watched it in said theatre... we've been calling it that ever since.)

I've got clips on the other siiiide... )
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Turns out the bit that aired on Friday is the one crammed with new scene goodies!
Sheesh, the sample image is the small spoiler I was talking about earlier. Sigh.

Hey that table they're at? That's the table where we all ate overtime dinner! Oh, the memories.
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Remember, tonight, on the Disney Channel, if you can stand watching through Princess Protection Thingy, there will be a sneak peek of Frog stuff. Actually you'll get to see quite a lot of new footage outside the official 'sneak peek' bit, which is surprising for something from the camera-hogging Movie Surfers. As soon as it turns up on YouTube I'll post it here, but you can bet the quality won't be as good.

And now I undertake my quest for glass noodles. Should I fall along the way, remember it was for the cause of cuisine in a barren wasteland...
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Ron, John, the other John, Andreas, Bruce, and Mike say:

Hooray for Hand-Drawn Animation!

Featuring Andreas' Happy Dance and special guest appearances by some fresh-faced rookies!
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Click the image! Click it!

Goofball! Villain! Goofball! Villain! Ahahahahahaa!

More beeee-yootiful Seq. 6 colour keys from Ian Gooding here!

[clicks some more] ... eeeheeheehee ...

Hot Stuff

Jun. 16th, 2009 02:54 pm
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Well, looks like the word is out already ...

Princess and the Frog Sneak Peek on June 28

I'm afraid you'll have to sit through some more twee Disney Channel faff for it, but there you go ... We just saw the 'sneak peek' yesterday and ... it's certainly a peek all right. Maybe a peek and a half, but I'm biased because they put in a shot that spoils a small but entertaining surprise.

If it turns up on YouTube afterwards I'll post links.
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I saw some marketing materials for Frog yesterday – little things they're going to hand out to promote the movie – and for the first time in roughly forever I found myself thinking 'Oooh, I want some of those.' They're stylish! And, dare I say, sophisticated. And, most unexpected of all, really complement the ... the ... general aura of the film. What is this world coming to? I only hope the rest of the marketing/packaging follows the same aesthetic ...
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Five New Shots at Rope of Sand Silicon

I wonder if seeing the band in colour will ever not be weird.
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It's the last (official) day of animation on Frog. And it's raining!

Sympathetic fallacy FTW.
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I go on and on (and on and on) about ideas and opinions in frank language, but I communicate personal information in cryptic references to history!

Another Conversation with Cherry )

Also: L.A. does not have lilacs. :(
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I resized them down a leetle to save excess loading time (if you want full-res you can download your own trailer!) and fiddled with the contrast and saturation (though I may be thrown off by monitor calibration). There are a couple of image banks where you can find practically any screencap you want (this one is useful...) so I'm not going to waste waking hours clutter up my LJ with redundant images. I'm only putting up ones about which I have something to say that might be of interest, or which I particularly like but you might miss when watching the trailer at speed.

In absolutely no order whatsoever:
Heeere, piccy piccy! )
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You can also download it through iTunes but you have to find their movie trailers section, which after some stumbling I did, but it was too long a process to dictate it here. There is scrolling and small text involved. Just ... go find it!

And if you think 'yeah, but I've already seen it' I say to you NO! It is NOT THE SAME in crappy YouTube 'HD,' and Quicktimes you can stop-frame!

Screencaps and commentary to come ...
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Also available in high-definition!

It's supposed to arrive on iTunes sometime tonight (56 minutes and counting...) but in the meantime, YES. BEHOLD.

That's New.

May. 3rd, 2009 01:54 pm
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Hold onto your seat, world, here comes Dr Facilier!

Also there are some frogs and stuff ... ehh [dismissive shrug]. ;)

Let's hear a big cheer for digital videos of televisions! Hurrah!
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Found a new high-quality clip – behold! Animation! (But no sound!)

See there? That's FOOTAGE, that is! Awwww, so pretty. Did you know John Lasseter came up with all the ideas for Pixar's movies? Babawawa, you so ignernt. Is it just me or does it look like Whoopi Goldberg would rather be anywhere else?

There are screencaps and some photos of the new Prince* and Lobotomized Princess lineup here... I see they still have Naveen in his oh-so-pretty poofy sleeves and tights. Poor guy.

If you want to see the whole show in possibly higher quality, follow the instructions kindly posted by Noodledaddy.

I didn't do anything on any of those shots so I can't count them for my drawing-a-day. Drat.

*for a given value of Prince; I'm sure James II would have had something to say about John Smith ... and why is he a prince, when Pocahontas, who was actually from a ruling family, is not a princess? Lack of male leads, Disney? Why not put Tarzan in his civilised suit and call him 'prince of the jungle'? Or include Simba – or do princes have to be bipedal? I'm drifting.
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Okay, it's been officially announced so I can pass it on:

Limited release NY & LA 25 Nov 2009
Nationwide* release 11 Dec 2009

That's a month earlier than the original schedule, in case you didn't know. It's very smart business-wise but at the same time AAAAAAH. Did I mention I'm busy? :)

*and presumably Canadian


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