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Back in 2011, the animation department at Disney wanted to put out an anthology of comics, like the story department's Torch Tiger and Rocket Johnson. To make a long story short ... it kind of fell apart. Well, completely fell apart. I was one of the few who actually got my comic finished, and I sat on it for a while hoping things would get sorted out, but the ashes are cold now, so here it is. Enjoy?

Seven More Pages of Full-Colour Mad Science! )

The original anthology idea was to have a little flipbook in the outside corners, so if you're wondering why the text or composition is a little off, that is why.
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Greetings, Internet!

So ages ago (last year, I think, or was it the year before?) I drew and coloured and finished an eight-page comic based on the first Herbert West story. This was for an anthology planned by a number of coworkers. I haven't heard a peep from the guy running the show for over a year now, so I'm wondering what to do with this thing. And so I turn to you, Internet – what should become of this thing?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or participate in the poll on LJ

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THIS JUST IN: a thoroughly decent clip from Re-Animator: The Musical!

Better than coffee! (If you don't mind starting your day with plagiarism, a nice beheading, and some reagent...)

THANKS [profile] octaveleap!
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I had previously expressed interest in seeing Re-Animator: the Musical, but I was beginning to worry if I would or not, with one thing and another taking up my weekends. Luckily [profile] octaveleap and her significant other surprised me with a ticket for the midnight show on Friday (technically Saturday) so we trooped down to the back end of Hollywood and MUCH FUN WAS HAD.

Review time! )

There is only one clip of the show available on YouTube and it is, unfortunately, nearly unintelligible and much less polished than the actual show, so I don't want to link to it and give a bad impression. I will, however, give you a song that does NOT appear anywhere in the production but will give you a taste of how delightful an all-singing, all-dancing Reanimator can be:

When I went to colour the image above I realised I hadn't scanned the drawings I'd done last November, when plotting for my comic. So, I give you, a handful of Herberts! )


Apr. 19th, 2011 07:57 am
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If the prospect of being hanged in a fortnight concentrates the mind wonderfully, the prospect of getting eight pages coloured and lettered in that time, after hours only, is at least a pale shadow of that ... so that's my 'lack of focus' problem cured. And if, as the physicists say, time was invented so that everything didn't happen at once, and space so that everything didn't happen to you, they clearly overlooked April 2011, because holy cow, all the things ever OMG. Where were you all in March when I was sunk in a dreadful malaise of feeling useless and unwanted?

Anyway, despite nearly throwing away my flash drive and then having all but one computer in the lab not recognise its existence last night, the comic's nearly done!  Then within the month I shall be seeing Re-Animator: the Musical! It's based on the movie, which bears about as much resemblance to the original stories as Disney's Hunchback does to Victor Hugo's, but come on – The Musical. There will be much snickering. And the timing could not be more hilarious. (see: everything at once.)


Some goodies dug up from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society in the course of my research –
  • Two of my Favourite Things in one sweatshirt, for much personal hilarity!
  • Vintage Fonts! I am actually considering buying the CD as there are some dead useful ones not in the free pack. Should've done it before the deadline! Ah well. Maybe for Episode 2. Oh no no don't want to think about episode 2 right now ...
  • Old-Timey Documents in PDF ... that's some gorgeous redesign work.
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Eight pages, about for hours per page (not counting thumbnailing, and the eventual tweaks in Photoshop for composition and clarity), done January 21.

I hit my other deadline, too (mostly), but I'm not allowed to share it as it was a work thing (mostly). Hurrah for punctuality! And ... letting everything else ... slide ...
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What better way to celebrate the 141st anniversary of the Confederation of Canada than with some horrible fishy froggy demon creatures? Let's visit the lovely New England seaside town of Innsmouth.

More )
Sorry for the large file; I rather liked the way it scanned so I didn't greyscale or adjust levels which usually brings down the file size.

JN: The sixth column
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Still picking my way through that Lovecraft book ... This is an attempt at capturing what looked, in my head, like a pretty cool scene in a movie, when the narrator and Danforth discover the ancient Antarctic city of the Old Ones* in their plane – though on paper it looks like the least amount of imagination possible went into it. If I had more time I'd have tried to come up with something more interesting for the architecture but this was the first impression in my mind, and I got a little preoccupied with trying to do values and atmospheric perspective in pencil, which didn't turn out terribly well either.

I wonder if Mignola and del Toro will ever get around to making this story into a movie, as they were rumoured to have been planning ... They'd do it right if anyone could. I'd love to see Mignola do a comic book of any of Lovecraft's stories because he has exactly the right aesthetic, which I'm sure is far from coincidence, but he seems to have lost interest in drawing lately. Sigh. (I bask in hypocrisy...)

*Not Susan Cooper's 'Old Ones,' though a crossover would be pretty hilarious...
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I had the opportunity to take an after-work character design class taught by some of the best artists in the studio, so naturally I jumped at it. In the first session we were encouraged to bring in characters from outside projects we might be working on; the narrator and accomplice in the Herbert West stories had been giving me problems so I decided to tackle him.

Boring Drawings of a Boring Guy )
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I've decided to take it a little bit easier with this animation test at work, and do some more art in my spare time. What, though? Well, I poked around the internet a little bit and discovered that lo, Herbert West is PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Dr West &c )
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I promise this will be the last Herbert West picture for a while (unless the tow-headed little fiend hijacks my mind again); I'm getting a little zombied out for now. This image came into my head the last time through the readings, though, and I couldn't resist. It turned out okay, I suppose, for having started life as an oversized thumbnail that I got carried away with. It's not textually accurate and I cheat the light a lot but I hope it's good enough that this can be ignored.

This is what lunch hours are for.
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Of all the Lovecraft stories I've listened to* I like the Herbert West ones the best. This is probably because instead of the main character having wacky things happen to him,** as in most of the stories, Dr West makes them happen, or is at least responsible for 90% of the plot. And, it must be said, I find myself identifying with his monomania and emotional detachment, for better or worse, though my interest lies more in imparting life to lifeless lines rather than dead boxers or decapitated Canadian officers...

Anyway, here's a mediocre artistic encapsulation of the formula to the stories (which you can read here if you're interested): Six Pictures )

*Again thanks to my generous friend and his CD burner ... I haven't managed to actually read any yet, though considering I haven't been able to actually read anything for the last two months any such attempt would probably have failed anwyay.
**I wonder what Mr Lovecraft would think of me describing his horror as 'wacky'...
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Mr Lovecraft reminds me of the thought Mr Schama placed in my head: that I need to study the Puritans more in order to better understand the U.S.
' ... the product of generations of pathetic Puritanism; kindly, conscientious, and sometimes gentle and amiable, yet always narrow, intolerant, custom-ridden, and lacking in perspective.'

~ From The Plague-Daemon

Unfortunately most Americans' familiarity with their Calvinist founders stops at the Grade 2 Thanksgiving Feast reenactment. Puritans ... they were the ones with the buckled hats and big white collars, right? You mean Pilgrims. They landed at Mayflower and had Thanksgiving and nine months later America was born. The end.

Ohhh, historical ignorance.

I promise there will be drawings tomorrow.
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On my way to finishing my sketchbook, here's a pile of stuff from vacation:


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