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OH NO! Have you somehow bliffsully avoided the media blitz and forgotten today was Valentine's Day?

FEAR NOT! For there are tongue-in-cheek Master and Commander Valentines for you, full of inappropriate pastels and hearts, deliverable immediately to the special person in your life who will fly into a fit of excoriating rage unless you acknowledge the holiday.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 11:28 pm
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Sometimes it's beneficial to attempt a caricature from memory, thereby getting a more accurate impression of the character rather than relying on specific details. I was resuming my long-abandoned attempt to caricature Billy Boyd as Pippin for a friend's Christmas present (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog so I think I'm safe in saying that) and noticed he has roughly the same eye shape as Lee Ingleby, so I doodled this little Hollom on the way home from my sister's. A distance of a year or more from the last time I watched Master & Commnader (?!!?!!!?!???) seems to have benefited me in this regard ... unfortunately it did Warley no good. Sigh.

If you want to see my sketches of Pippin from the screen, click here ... amazing how something drawn right off the screen can look absolutely nothing like him. And yes, I tried not looking at reference. It was worse.

Yeah, I know I haven't been posting much art lately. I could say it's because I'm working on Christmas stuff or busy with work but really I'm just a lazy bum. Somebody get the cattle prod.
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Hello there, Internet!

Saturday's Sketchbook - CENTREFOLD! I had all day to draw ... and got two pages done. And only one of them really worth anything. Two sketches from Monstrous Regiment - one of Maladict demonstrating high morale among the troops, and one of Blouse's arrival. The preceeding page has thumbnails for Maladict and a sketch from a photo of a horse and rider. I filled in the front legs of the horse, because they weren't visible in the photo, but that was a bad idea.
Yesterday's Sketchbook - Sundays don't officially count but I included it for consistency, and also because the hand at the top was from Saturday. The rest are people and hands from the choir rehearsing for Easter.
Ooh, Scubbo! - Finally got ahold of my life drawing pad AND remembered to scan it at work, so here's that Blouse thumbnail I'd been trying to recreate.
Life Drawing Madness - Sitting next to my sister at life drawing can sometimes be ... distracting. This was drawn the day after finding out Michael Surrey was possibly back at Disney, and also features Hellboy as Robin Hood, triggered by the disproportionately large right arm I'd drawn.
Warley, Hollom, and the Mariner's Revenge Song )
Interestingly enough, the Decemberists have Patrick O'Brian on their links to varous interests. Is it all connected? And perhaps more frightening ... have they seen 'Round the Bend?

Aggrevated by the incessant post-Katrina coverage on Morning Edition* I decided to look up something more entertaining and found a nice long interview with The Decemberists, including several songs. It's a good introduction to the band, even though the drums are left out and the drummer is 'playing his lap,' and of course since it's live it's not as polished and perfectly mixed as the CD. But very good, and very entertaining, and they sang 'Eli,' which wins a million points for the host of the show, who requested it.** Click on the red 'Listen' button above the photo if you've got RealPlayer.

*Which I listen to occasionally, now, as the CBC's morning show is very nearly useless when it comes to news ... I used to listen to Morning Edition every day but now that I don't live in the States I don't really feel connected to most of it and, as I said, the neverending Katrina coverage gets old fast.
**Or the band, if they fed the suggestion to him. But they get a million points anyway.
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"Damn, you've got good eyes, Barrett."

This is what happens when I try to caricature Billy Boyd.

(tablet bad. baaaad.)
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I sure know how to make constructive use of my time...

English Lieutenant Circus Party!! )

6:35 pm
More Tablet Horror )
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I just subj introduced a former roommate, who is a diehard Pirates* fan, to Master & Commander. She was very polite and watched it all the way through.


And, you know, I've seen it at least fifty times ... and I still caught something new. There was about twenty seconds of footage when they're lowering Calamy's first command into the water that I swear I have never seen before. What will it be next time, I wonder?

*The movie that always makes me want to watch M&C – I see ten minutes of it, and I think, 'you know what's a really good movie ...'
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July 16th, Part 2

You'll never guess where we went after ComiCon... )

9:07 pm
Okay, whose great idea was it to let me have a DVD player with screen capture?

I'm so mean. You'd hardly think I have a lot of sympathy for the poor guy.

Fun Times

Aug. 1st, 2005 11:33 pm
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I read this passage in Good Omens:
Loyalty was a great thing, but no lieutenants should be forced to choose between their leader and a circus with elephants.

Which spawned: FIESTA PULLINGS! )

Tula! I am working on your birthday card! I just didn't have any reference on the bus!


Jul. 2nd, 2005 12:00 am
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5:47 pm – Completely Unrelated
Madness: A Coloured Comic )
What's especially mad is that I've been working on this ALL DAY.

10:13 pm – Inspiration Strikes at Last
I have been searching – searching, sir – for an idea for a Lt. Pullings sketch. At last, a line in Ubiquitouspitt's most recent email made me realise that the thing preventing the inspiration could be a source for inspiration itself: The Job Hunt
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First up: UBIQUITOUSPITT IS AN ANGEL! She has put together this wonderful page to house all our Master & Commander madness. Madness I tell you! Have I mentioned she's far better at web design than me?

The Surprise Sails 'Round the Bend

Then, if that madness wasn't enough, I have completed my entry for The Enchanted Paintbrush's Tabloid Contest: see )

2:47 am
Good heavens, it's almost 3 am. This may explain some of the unfunny humour found in these icons:
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[falls over]

M&C SEQUEL?!?!??!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?!!?!!!!

(Beware of a spoiler involving Mr. Bonden – but really, it's war, what do you expect?)
(Yes, all that punctuation really is called for.)

7:23 pm
The resurrection of this was also called for. (teeheehee)

They'd better not start shooting before I get down to San Diego – if the Rose isn't there, I am going to be right pished.
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Johnathan Strange & Mr Norrell contains a passage in which a magician, in an attempt to raise a young lady from the dead, calls up a fairy to do the actual work for him.* As payment for this work, the magician makes a deal with the fairy that he may have the young lady for half of her remaining life once she is resurrected.

Now, I'm a casual student of fairy folklore; I've got several books on the subject and it's an intermittent hobby of mine to research them. So far Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has been pretty respectful of its source material (far more than most related fantasy literature) but in this one episode, I can't help but think the magician ought to have specified that the fairy could have the second half of the young lady's life, because it is entirely within the nature of one of the "Fair People" to take full advantage of any such loophole in an agreement.

I'm really being unfair, though. So far it's pretty good. I particularly liked the ships in chapter 11.

*Apparently this is the way such things are done in this particular universe, just as magicians use demons in the Bartimaeus books.

5:17 pm
I was going to save this until after the official presentation to the Royal Society for Patrick O'Brian Icons but I see Ubiquitouspitt has employed it already, so with sincerest apologies to Canisdoofus:

The idea and the writing are all Ubiquitouspitt's ... I just did the technical stuff.
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I may be crying wolf again, but I suspect that this time I am really coming down with plague. Plague 2005, that is. The extreme head cold symptoms are not really showing yet but if the immense, overpowering lethargy and decreased brain function are any indicators (as well as the dream about an alien invasion last night) then... I am doomed.

Hmm, this might be a good time to scan my sketchbook.

Is it possible to overdose on Vitamin C? I think I've had about 3000mg today. (I guess that would be 3g ... put that way it doesn't sound like an overdose at all!) it helps that I have a bottle of very very yummy chewable tablets on my desk at work... Not only are they delicious in that they taste of various fruits, but there's the rush one gets when one's tongue recognizes the ascorbic acid and says "Why, how did you know this was exactly what I needed?"

8:33 pm
My horoscope, according to The Onion:

After mistaking you for a new model of a full-size pickup, Car And Driver will deride your lack of legroom, but praise the way you "barely sip" gasoline.


9:50 pm
Yesterday's Sketchbook )

Today's Sketchbook )
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Ubiquitouspitt, you'll be the death of me... death by asphyxiation from laughing too hard to breathe:


I'm sure that's exactly what Mr. O'Brien was thinking.
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How do morning people do it?

Yesterday's Sketchbook )

10:37 pm
I have only 3/4 of an episode left in Simon Schama's A History of Britain.
(And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.)

Today's Sketchbook )

Oh yeah, and then there's this atrocity. Urgh, looking at my Valentines album is like walking past the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us... [shudder]

That is, if Barbie had a hot pink 28-gun frigate and a mission to hunt down French privateers.

I am liking this picture.

At least ... more than anything else remotely related to Barbie or her gang of generic, PC hangers-on.

Maybe the Master & Commander playset toys could hunt down the Barbie ship and sink, burn, or take her a prize!

Except they don't exist.



It is time for me to sleep.

10:59 pm
"Come on chums! Roll out those cannons! You can do it! I believe in you! Make sure you're wearing proper ear protection! We don't want anyone getting hurt!"

Wait a minute... is that Barbie or Barney?

This is getting better and better...
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For more woefully inappropriate Master & Commander Valentines, look at the post before last... Feel free to send them to anyone you like! Or better yet, profuse thanks to Ubiquitouspitt, go HERE! Feel the love that comes from a loved one giving you a funny look and saying "huh?"

There may be some more of these appearing in the next week... I left my list of ideas at work on Friday and our dear Doctor seems nearly impervious to corny Valentinization.
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I'm not behind in drawing but I am behind in scanning... Thanks to being preoccupied with silly Valentines yesterday. So. Here are my sketchbook entries:

Friday )

Saturday )

3:07 pm
Attending a choir practise as an instrumentalist while the choir is rehearsing a song that has no sheet music can be hazardous to the sanity:

I love to go a-wandering
Along the mountain track
And as I go, I love to sing
My knapsack on my back –

Val-de-ri, val-de-ra,
Val-de-ri, val-de-ra-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Val-de-ri, val-de-ra!
My knapsack on my back!

In case you were wondering, this was done without any sort of reference at all..
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I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day – especially since I got too old to receive free candy at school from a bunch of people who really didn't care as much as their cards said they did. But I've found that those horrible old Valentine's cards – the punch-out ones with licensed characters on them surrounded by hearts and corny puns – can be a great starting place for absurdity. So, with much giggling, I introduce to the world, my line of Master & Commander Valentines!

See Them )

I've added a few since this afternoon and have changed the colour on the "Mast" one because the tranquil lavender it was before was just too tasteful.


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