Jul. 2nd, 2012 03:16 pm
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This is why I should always be steadily stocked with work, at work:


I am not – repeat NOT – abandoning this blog. Or the other one. Just ... diversifying. Those of you on Tumblr, feel free to follow; those not, you're not missing anything.

... Well, aside from an endless stream of clips I've recorded off Radio 4, because I hoard radio like little old ladies hoard bits of string, and if anyone had told me how easy it was to share audio clips on Tumblr I would have signed up years ago ... but I will try to link them here as well.
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Yesterday I was contacted by Fandango about offering Harry Potter movie ticket presales through my website.

This isn't the first time I've been approached by a company for Potter-related merchandise tie-ins, and my first reaction was the same as it has been in the past, namely 'Bah! I am no corporate stooge! Begone with ye!' But while I felt confident in my role as arbiter of taste by depriving my audience of life-sized Potter movie wall decals, movie tickets are another thing ... and while I make a comfortable wage at my day job and don't need the promised commission fees, someone could probably use them.

Now, I don't know how much I'm likely to make off this, or how it is to be paid, or if it only counts for Potter ticket presales, but I thought I might get involved and send whatever profits come of it to flood relief in Pakistan. But I wanted to check with the people who actually use my site* before I went ahead with anything.

Would you tolerate a potentially flashy and ugly banner on my site for a good cause?

Would you actually use the service?

Please leave a comment and let me know ...

*I use it, but mostly as an online drawing library ... it is remarkably handy.
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I know many people thought it would never happen, but ...

I updated my website.

There's a page now for all the Worst Journey stuff, just in time for CENTENARY FEVER! (I jest.) The Discworld and assorted Harry Potter pages have had the stuff I've drawn in the last two years distributed to their respective homes, and everything else has been tossed in the junk drawer of Utter Miscellany. Please let me know if anything's broken or misspelled ...
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I've just amended the book list on my How-To-Draw page to reflect some of the more recent publications which I, in my lofty position and incalculable wisdom (ha ha ha) deem useful. If anyone knows of any other good online drawing tutorials that I could link to, would you be so kind as to notify me? (What happened to yours, Syd?) Mine is pathetically cursory and I don't see any point at which I'll be able to flesh it out.
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While listening to The Vile Village, I remembered a drawing that hadn't made it to Photobucket and therefore was not included in the most recent update of my site. In looking for it I discovered a few more stragglers, so they're up on The Snicket Page now, along with some snippets of media that felt like they belonged. They're also behind the cut. )

I also discovered that the most Snickety minute in cinema is now on YouTube. I should warn you, over the course of the clip, three people get shot, two of them in a war setting, so if you have no stomach for such things, turn away now. The scene I'm talking about is at 3:44. Things being how they are, I don't know how long this clip will be up ...
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I've standardized all the Books pages, sorted the Books drawings to their respective characters' pages, listified the 'Odds and Ends' which has been sorted into Characters, Locations, and Gags, and (last but not least) updated the copyright dates. Needless to say, if you find any errors or omissions, please let me know ...

Now that the series is finished, and my affections drifted elsewhere long ago, this is probably the last major update of the Potter stuff. Every so often something might trickle onto the site, but it's probably fruitless to keep checking back for new stuff. I'm considering making a splash page for my site, which as soon as you accessed it would give you the choice of going to Harry Potter or Everything Else – what do you think of this idea? I thought it would give my more recent, better, non-Potter stuff better representation than hiding it all in a corner of the Potter site. But if everyone hates this idea, maybe I shouldn't bother. (Or maybe I will anyway, just to be contrary.)

9:35 PM
I am SUCH A LIAR. I remembered a Snape picture I hadn't added, and in trawling through Photobucket to find it, discovered a slew of other things I hadn't included either. So. Utter Miscellany has even more new stuff, the Snicket page gets in on the action, and a few new drawings have turned up on Harry's and Snape's pages (mirrored in the Odds and Ends).


Aug. 16th, 2008 12:28 am
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I know you thought this day would never come ...


As well as that, the Utter Miscellany area is as up-to-date as it can be. The links and FAQ have been modified slightly, too, if anyone cares ...

I'm working on converting pages that were in the old format into the list format, and cross-referencing like mad to make sure every character and book has all their respective images, but wow ... that's a lot of work. I should be sewing my Halloween costume but somehow flannel is repulsive in the summer heat, so I slave over a hot laptop instead. Go fig. I think I've been conditioned to update my site in the summer because that's when I've been out of work, in the past, and more often than not the computer has been kept in the coolest, darkest room of the house. Still, a year – even a relatively unproductive and CRAZY year such as the last one – that's a long time without an update. Sorry. If you find any broken or misdirected links, please let me know so I can fix them while I'm still in website-updatey mode.

6:31 AM
Thanks to our neighbours blaring South Park at bloody five in the bloody morning, the Discworld page has been updated too, for what it's worth.

12:57 PM
The Goblet of Fire page is now in list format, which makes it even more apparent how few drawings it has. I'm working on converting Azkaban's page but it has the opposite problem .. holy crap did I ever draw the heck out of that book.

Off to work now, so no more updates today, probably.

10:12 PM
I lied. (Liar!) I mean, I did go in to work, but I also updated a bit more. Prisoner of Azkaban* is in list format now (it goes on and on!) though incomplete because I haven't added stuff from the Azkaban Project By-Products. The Azkaban Project is off the front page (I figured four years was a good run) but you can still find it at the bottom of the Azkaban page. All the Books pages should have the same sort of navigation stuff at the bottom. Please be vigilant for broken links to the Azkaban page; I changed the filename at the last minute and I think I got them all but I don't know. All the old Books pages should now redirect to their current incarnations.
*Going back through all the stuff for this book and listening to the soundtrack was great ... How did she get this one so right and then ... what happened?


It is definitely not time to treat myself to a little musical villainy. [innocent whistling]
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Today, in four acts:

I - Nerdangelization
Geeked out with Sheridan Intern re: It's OK To Like Disney. Consumed coffee and sushi (not together). Spread the gospel of feature animation.

II - Technomancy
Got video card (THANK YOU TONY!!). Installed video card. Computer and brain locked in mighty death struggle, culminating in actually pressing F1 To Enter Setup and taking a wild stab in the dark. BRAIN WINS. Gain extra wrinkle in cerebral cortex and BEAUTIFUL FUNCTIONING FULL-RES MONITOR. (Did I mention THANK YOU Tony?)

III - Technopiphany
Realized I was an idiot and had used wrong username to access site FTP. Utter Miscellany and Discworld updated! Harry Potter updates to follow once commissions are completed!

IV - Employpilogue
Start work on Monday, fate permitting. TREMBLE, YE MODELERS, I COME BEARING DRAUGHTSMANSHIP!
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Itsy bitsy website update: I've finally put those pictures I drew at Christmastime on the Order of the Phoenix page (the OotP pictures, I mean, obviously; not all of them). A bigger update is coming when I finish converting the Odds & Ends section to list format, which will include the website debut of the rest of the HP stuff I drew this Christmas. The non-HP stuff is probably all up on the Miscellany page that was updated a few weeks ago, but if you can think of anything missing, please notify me.

Hey HP movie fans! Did you know Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) is in Shada? I'm not just lying to get you to listen to it, honest!
While you're there, The 99p Challenge is very amusing, and so is The Sunday Format and The Very World of Milton Jones. Go play!

I Saw 'The Empty Child'! (EDIT 12:52 pm 04 Aug - AND 'The Doctor Dances'!)Incoherent Babbling )
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Hey guys!

Another update!

The pages for Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets have been converted to the list format. Stone has those drawings I did and posted in here all those months ago. (Branded as 'new'! O the lies!) All the links appear to work, but if you find a broken one, or can think of an image that used to be on one of these pages that I seem to have left off, please comment or email me.

I don't know when I'll get around to listifying the Azkaban page as that's got as many images as the rest of them combined. To be honest, I'd nearly finished the Stone one a few months ago so this doesn't represent that much work on my part.

IN OTHER NEWS: BBC7 has started running Shada again! Episode 1 is here! If you wander around the vast labyrinth of the BBC website you might find the archive of the entire show – but don't watch the Flash cartoon; the pictures are better in your head, trust me.


Jul. 15th, 2006 11:32 pm
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And out of left field came ... AN UPDATE! I bet no one would have guessed I'd update my site tonight (I wouldn't have) but lo, the page of Utter Miscellany has indeed been updated. And all the links worked the first time! Wow!

This took significantly less time than I would have expected. There may be more soon. Or maybe not. Living on my own has made me uncharacteristically fickle. What will I do next?

In other news, I went for coffee today only to discover the nearby café has a Copenhagen Blend. How could I resist? It was all possible qualities until it entered my mouth, upon which it became delicious. Mmmm, quantum.

Cut to spare the general populace: Copenhagen Piano Glee )

As if the day could get any better: Guards! Guards! Episode Five.


Mar. 19th, 2006 04:52 pm
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I've updated my Discworld page ... most new drawings are in the 2006 section, but there are a couple back in 2005, including one I don't think I'd posted in here of Lord deWorde. Yay, update.

Oh, and for all those people who were so inexplicably jubilant at my drawing Lupin a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd provide a link to my Lupin page because it seems as though they hadn't seen the plethora of pre-existing Lupin drawings, mostly better than what I drew that day.
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[Warning: jargon ahead]

Okay, so I actually somehow found time to put together a Half-Blood Prince page today, and I uploaded it ... or thought I did. I FTP it up, and it looks like it's there, so I go test it, and I get a 404. I look back at my ftp, and it's not there So I upload it again. Repeat about four times... then I give up and decide to use the web-based FTP, upload it, test it, not there – I try to open it from the web-based FTP where it is listed clear as day and I still get a 404. Something is, to use the clacks term, 'totally flocked.'


So, yeah. Someday my page will come. There's nothing up there that you haven't seen here, but it'd be nice to have it on my site at last.

Five minutes later
[sheepish grin]
Speling is a mervellous thyng.
But that still doesn't explain why it wouldn't work from the web-based FTP! Anyway, it's up now. Go enjoy. And of course, this means that those of you who were wanting to use these pics and I told you to wait till they were on my site ... you can ask again now, because I've forgotten who you were. (Mind like a sieve, me. Nothing personal.)


Oct. 15th, 2005 12:00 pm
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Yes, that joyous day is here! I have finally updated my Dreams page! I know how much everyone was looking forward to that.

11:12 pm
Updated again! The Discworld page now has everything I've done since the last update. Except the most recent three things because I forgot about them until I'd already saved and uploaded and I'm a lazy bum. (It's past my bedtime, come on.)

Quizzes )


Jul. 9th, 2005 04:53 pm
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I've put the newer Discworld drawings up on my page. Also, an interview is up on The Phoenix Feather.

Today I have been reorganising the library. When our former roommate moved out, she took all her books with her, so there were areas of over-stacked books and big barren spaces, then all the newly-acquired books just stuck wherever. I thought that for once in the history of the universe there'd be extra room on the bookshelves, but once everything was rearranged and a little slack left for future additions, there wasn't even a whole spare shelf for the overflow paperbacks, which are starting to get two deep in their ghetto. Crazy.

The maritime forecast on the radio (no matter what radio) sounds like an ancient incantation, or poetry, or some sort of meditational mantra.
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First up: UBIQUITOUSPITT IS AN ANGEL! She has put together this wonderful page to house all our Master & Commander madness. Madness I tell you! Have I mentioned she's far better at web design than me?

The Surprise Sails 'Round the Bend

Then, if that madness wasn't enough, I have completed my entry for The Enchanted Paintbrush's Tabloid Contest: see )

2:47 am
Good heavens, it's almost 3 am. This may explain some of the unfunny humour found in these icons:


Jun. 19th, 2005 10:00 pm
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At last ... at long last ... the Character pages on my site have been reformatted, resorted, updated, tested, fixed, updated again ... and all that good stuff.

Egad, my bum is sore from all this sitting.

If you find any broken or misappropriated links, please tell me. I'm sure I've missed a few.

Oh yeah, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Dadoo who was frolicking about the verdant countryside today. This is a day late to him because of the time difference... sorry.

Now I definitely have to spend some time not sitting down.
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Five new drawings on my Discworld site (marked by a shiny ¤) and the coloured version of Moist's freakout that I posted here not too long ago.

Too tired to make direct links here ... just ... go to the site. (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
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The other sections of Terra Extra Harry Potter are now up and running, and I have switched over to the new index page. WOO!

I've also converted the filenames of the Azkaban Project to .../azkaproj##.html so if you have any bookmarks or links, please find the new page and fix them. Same goes for any links/bookmarks you may have had in the old Terra Extra Harry Potter section, which has been deleted and moved to its own subdirectory.

They've Got Soles


May. 29th, 2005 04:16 pm
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Well, the new site format seems to be pretty unanimously popular ... maybe I'll switch the whole thing over eventually because being able to create a 50-image section of my site in one evening is just too good to pass up. Thanks for the feedback, you guys! Please don't hold back any criticism!



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