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From the first season to The First Season ...

The library, bless it, had in their scanty DVD collection the very first Doctor Who series, from 1963. So I checked it out. Run away now, while you still have the chance!

So, yes. Are there supposed to be two drafts of the first episode? 'Cause I watched 'em ... and there are a few different lines and shots but they're pretty much identical except that the Doctor somehow got a Personality Injection somewhere between the two. Odd. I now appreciate why the first episode of the new series was all full of mannequins! You new series producers are nerds, I love you! Okay, I haven't seen much vintage 60s television but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh the cinematography was like a student film! It was just like watching a student film that had inexplicably good actors! I was prepared for the papier maché sets and corny 60s-ness, and once the plot got rolling along I could ignore that, but I wasn't prepared for the uncomfortable camera work.

But what was the weirdest thing was seeing William Hartnell. Not because he was William Hartnell but because of his face. In my house, growing up, was a portrait done by an ancestor of mine of someone who my dad always said looked like Doctor Who. For twenty years of my life that face was all I knew about Doctor Who.* Then I listened to Shada and watched The Christmas Invasion and then the New First Season and dissociated the Doctor from that face, until I popped in this DVD and there it is! That charcoal portrait living and walking around and talking in front of me! It was uncanny and a little disturbing.

The lady teacher's acting style reminded me of Francesca Annis in Copenhagen. The Tardis is so well-lit and rectangular! What happened? Does the Doctor get younger with every regeneration? Was this intentional? I'm looking forward to finding out what happened to Gallifrey and the Timelords because so far I've only seen/heard pre-Time War and post-Time War ... at least I'm assuming that's what I'm see/hearing. BUT DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING! I want to find out for myself! Whee! So much left to discover!

* ... though it's certainly responsible for my having any interest in checking it out. And, to be fair, I also knew it was a British sci-fi TV show. I saw a little bit of an episode once where the Doctor and (I'm assuming) his companion are shunted out of a spaceship. And that is it.
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