Jun. 27th, 2009

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I found this part of On the Outside It Looked Like an Old Fashioned Police Box really interesting, as I've been thinking a lot about character development lately. An easy way to make a character more real is to get inside their head, recording their thoughts (if it's a book*) or filming things from their point of view (if it's a film**). But the following segment made me realize you don't have to do this to have a strong character – we have no doubt who The Doctor is, but we only ever see him from the outside. I suppose this makes a lot of sense, really; you know your friends very well – what they like and dislike, would do and wouldn't do, how they would react to a given situation – but you never ride around in their heads. Anyway, enough from me:

Mark Gatiss and Russell T Davies on Writing the Doctor )

*Going Postal is one of the very best, in this regard
**Not literally P.O.V. shots (though that's not out of the question) but telling the story, visually, as they would tell it ... everyone has a different version of events and if you can find how your character would tell a story, what they would notice and how they would present other people and situations, that says almost as much about them as it does the story at hand.

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