Jan. 9th, 2017

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Well, it's the start of another workweek, and if I know anything (I do), one of the best opiates on the planet is excellent radio!

I haven't been able to do much listening over the holidays, but there were some really outstanding things you ought to catch before they expire:

CHRISTMASSY - If you want to hold onto that holiday feeling just a little bit longer
John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme Christmas Special - The new series started on December 27th, which called for a great pile of brightly wrapped Christmas sketches. And a song.
Some Hay in a Manger - A playful and surprisingly sweet retelling of the Nativity, from the point of view of Mary's donkey and one of the Wise Men's camels. Brought to you by the Warhorses of Letters team, proving cultural divides are only what you make of them.

NEW YEARSY - If you're still writing '2016' you are still in the New Year
Dead Ringers: Alternate 2016 - Imagine if things had gone differently at almost every occasion ...
Topsy Turvy Radio 4 - On January 7th (which is not, actually, Twelfth Night, but close enough), John Finnemore invaded Radio 4 continuity and there was much silliness.
The New World - A series of documentaries taking stock of where we are, on a number of topics, as we face 2017. Maybe not the most cheerful listening, but interesting, and probably important, even if you've elected to spend this year under a rock.

JUST GENERALLY SORT OF STUFF - But still really good, otherwise I wouldn't go through the trouble!
Time Spanner - I was lucky enough to be at the recording of this pilot, and was worried the final broadcast version wouldn't be as great as it was in person, but somehow radio magic happened and it's even better! In it you will find other dimensions, time travel, angels, a self-storage facility, a dropped call, and a robot, but that's beside the point: more importantly it's got that balance of silliness and heart that sets the special things apart.
Cabin Pressure: Abu Dhabi - Radio 4 Extra is rerunning the whole series from the start, so if you've wanted to know what the big deal is, or would like to revisit for fun, jump on this crazy train! Episodes Boston and Cremona are also currently available.
Desolation Jests - Picking your favourite comedy shows for your post-apocalyptic bunker is a notion close to my heart, and now they've made a show out of it, only it's all made up. Still funny, though! Oh, 11pm comedy slot, where would we be without you ...
John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme - The rest of the new series is not holiday-themed, but is just as funny. And new! We should be so lucky.

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