Feb. 1st, 2017

tealin: (catharsis)
This is the exact moment I knew I was in big trouble:

On one hand, I don't know how I'd've gotten through last week without this show ... on the other I can literally (literally!) feel the dopamine coursing through my veins when I'm watching it, which ... is a little alarming?

Back on the first hand, it's good to have something to take the stress off and bring on the happy, even if it's a neurochemical kind of happy (though, what isn't?). But on the other hand again, maybe actual coping strategies are of more long-term value than hitting the escapism again? But then, on a foot, this is, in a bizarre way, helping me process things? (More on that later.)

Other foot as yet unclaimed by a rhetorical standpoint. Stay tuned.

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