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For the first time in a very long time we have the joy of a new Decemberists album. My own joy is a little tempered with alarm, though, as one of the songs strongly suggests Colin Meloy was spying on me for the better part of 2013. Uncanny doesn't begin to describe it.

It does explain the moustache, though ... I am a fool for moustaches like the residents of Metropolis are for glasses.

It's a good album, though, and fortuitously comes along when I'm kind of desperate for new music. This'll do me for about a week, but I'll need more. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Good afternoon, world!

Forget this midterm elections malarkey, there's a new Decemberists song!

If you're on the mailing list you've probably got an email already (new album in January! like two Christmases this year!) but if you're not, um ... try here? You probably have to sell your soul email address to get it, but they write very amusing though infrequent emails and I don't think I've ever gotten any spam via the mailing list.

Now we just have to get Clockwork Quartet to hurry up already ...
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If I had just gone ahead and done this when I first had the idea it would have been vastly less elabourate. But because I have been busy, and inbetweening one's animation gives one plenty of time to concoct ridiculous appendages for something that really wasn't that brilliant to begin with, I have since spent undue time rendering and getting involved in recreational forgery. I suppose it could be argued that it's a valuable distraction from the stresses of work but ... really?

To the tune of The Legionnaire's Lament by The Decemberists*

The 6th Inniskilling Dragoon's Lament )

*I hope they will forgive me ... at least they are still alive to do so.
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I frequently listened to the Decemberists while tying down boards.

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Hey, remember how I said if you ever have the chance to see a Decemberists concert you should because they are anywhere from twice to ten times as good live? You've got another chance!

New Tour! New Dates! New Locales!
Now, before you get your boyfriend's borrowed boxer-briefs in a clove hitch because your particular city of residence is not on that list, remember ... this is merely Phase One.

... Because there is nothing more fitting for Valentine's Day than songs about murder, despair, and the dark (albeit entertaining) side of the human condition. And also bicycles and San Francisco.

I shall see you there, dancing in the aisles!
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Dear Mr. Meloy,

I have undertaken a fact-checking expedition and have found several errors in your song 'Grace Cathedral Hill.'
1. It's actually called Nob Hill, Grace Cathedral just sits on top of it.
2. It doesn't cost 25c to light a little white candle; the little white candles are ostensibly free though there is a suggested $5 donation at the door for upkeep of the facitilies etc.
3. Hyde Street Pier is closed on New Year's Day
4. There is nowhere on Hyde Street Pier that sells hot dogs even when it is open. By my reckoning the nearest hot dog is at least half a block away.
5. Hyde Street Pier would not stink of fish and beer, as it is a national historical park. Perhaps you are thinking of Fisherman's Wharf.

I hope this clarification is useful to you and that corrections can be made to future editions of the song.

Feeling better now,


In no way did I try to visit the places in the song on the day specified therein. What kind of nerdy fan do you think I am? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
If you want to hear the song you can do so here. It's a good video but I am a little miffed because a Decemberists/FLCL AMV was my idea, though admittedly the song I had in mind was 'The Bagman's Gambit.'
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I went to my second Decemberists concert a week ago. I found out about it too late to get the sort of tickets I got last time and ended up on the balcony. It was a bit of a distant experience, but I don't regret it because experience has taught me that any opportunity to see the Decemberists live must be taken. You should too. If you like them at all, they are ten times better live. No joke. Don't ask YouTube, YouTube will lie. The thrill and energy of a live performance cannot be captured on a camcorder, any more than it can be replicated on a CD. I don't like loud music and I don't usually feel like singing along or even tapping my foot, but a Decemberists concert (and only a Decemberists concert, so far) strips these proclivities away. Luckily they have a new CD coming out in March (?!) so they might be going on tour again! And you can see them! Because – remember – any chance to see the Decemberists live must be taken.

A bit of follow-up: the song mentioned in my previous post was 'The Culling of the Fold' which, I was immensely pleased to learn, is available on iTunes. It's been so long since I've had a song to put on repeat! But I am not allowed to buy the new singles until the Christmas holiday because I can't listen to them while animating.

And Colin Meloy still looks like a young Garrison Keillor.
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Who's been making inappropriate use of their time? Ooh, ooh, I know!

This started out as a doodle when I realized the ostinato guitar behind that first song in Act II sounded a lot like the bit in 'The Island' by the Decemberists. That's Colin Meloy, see? Oh, my sides split with laughter! Well because it was that part I imagined it lit like that and the bare pencil sketch just looked bare. So, four hours later ...

C'mon, I haven't had anything to obsess over in ages. Thbpbthpthbpb, shut up go away.

In case anyone is wondering (and I know someone is wondering) this is a big part of why I haven't posted much Deathly Hallows art. Not because I've been doing this – well, okay, partly because I've been doing this – but because the few illustrations for it that did enter my head entered it fully rendered and in colour, and would lose all purpose without it. And frankly, my dear ...
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... Did that really happen?

Random Recollections )
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'Eli the Barrow Boy' has breached 100 Times Played on my iTunes.

That's the official count, anyway.

In case anyone was remotely interetsed...
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It's been a long time since I've done a quiz ... or watched Buffy, for that matter.
Which Buffy Season am I? )

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, after my first impression of it last week, how much I like The Crane Wife: All of Monday and most of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent listening to it. So there. Hopeless addict.
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The Crane Wife )

The Tragic Treasury )

It's odd that I should collect both these CDs on the same day. When I first heard The Decemberists, they reminded me a bit of the Gothic Archies with their whimsical lyrics and odd instrumentation, though of course the lead singers couldn't be more different – a former roommate once described Stephin Merritt's singing style as 'Leonard Cohen but with less energy,' while Colin Meloy is ... not. But still, complementary and contrasting. A musically gifted day.
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Hello there, Internet!

Saturday's Sketchbook - CENTREFOLD! I had all day to draw ... and got two pages done. And only one of them really worth anything. Two sketches from Monstrous Regiment - one of Maladict demonstrating high morale among the troops, and one of Blouse's arrival. The preceeding page has thumbnails for Maladict and a sketch from a photo of a horse and rider. I filled in the front legs of the horse, because they weren't visible in the photo, but that was a bad idea.
Yesterday's Sketchbook - Sundays don't officially count but I included it for consistency, and also because the hand at the top was from Saturday. The rest are people and hands from the choir rehearsing for Easter.
Ooh, Scubbo! - Finally got ahold of my life drawing pad AND remembered to scan it at work, so here's that Blouse thumbnail I'd been trying to recreate.
Life Drawing Madness - Sitting next to my sister at life drawing can sometimes be ... distracting. This was drawn the day after finding out Michael Surrey was possibly back at Disney, and also features Hellboy as Robin Hood, triggered by the disproportionately large right arm I'd drawn.
Warley, Hollom, and the Mariner's Revenge Song )
Interestingly enough, the Decemberists have Patrick O'Brian on their links to varous interests. Is it all connected? And perhaps more frightening ... have they seen 'Round the Bend?

Aggrevated by the incessant post-Katrina coverage on Morning Edition* I decided to look up something more entertaining and found a nice long interview with The Decemberists, including several songs. It's a good introduction to the band, even though the drums are left out and the drummer is 'playing his lap,' and of course since it's live it's not as polished and perfectly mixed as the CD. But very good, and very entertaining, and they sang 'Eli,' which wins a million points for the host of the show, who requested it.** Click on the red 'Listen' button above the photo if you've got RealPlayer.

*Which I listen to occasionally, now, as the CBC's morning show is very nearly useless when it comes to news ... I used to listen to Morning Edition every day but now that I don't live in the States I don't really feel connected to most of it and, as I said, the neverending Katrina coverage gets old fast.
**Or the band, if they fed the suggestion to him. But they get a million points anyway.


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