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Itsy bitsy website update: I've finally put those pictures I drew at Christmastime on the Order of the Phoenix page (the OotP pictures, I mean, obviously; not all of them). A bigger update is coming when I finish converting the Odds & Ends section to list format, which will include the website debut of the rest of the HP stuff I drew this Christmas. The non-HP stuff is probably all up on the Miscellany page that was updated a few weeks ago, but if you can think of anything missing, please notify me.

Hey HP movie fans! Did you know Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) is in Shada? I'm not just lying to get you to listen to it, honest!
While you're there, The 99p Challenge is very amusing, and so is The Sunday Format and The Very World of Milton Jones. Go play!

I Saw 'The Empty Child'! (EDIT 12:52 pm 04 Aug - AND 'The Doctor Dances'!) Okay, okay, I only saw the first part of the two-parter because there's only so much awesomeness one can take in a day before the head explodes, and also it was after a longer-than-usual day of work. Hwah. It was so cool. And that was the episode I saw about ten minutes of when it was on the CBC! Glad to know I caught a good one! Heheh. Creepy, though! With the phones and the radios and the ... stuff ... yeah. I do not like that other ... time ... guy. The fact that Rose is besotted with him is a sure sign he's no good, on top of being annoying and arrogant and not nearly as cool as the Doctor, who has such amazing drawing skills! I really wanted Dr Constantine at the hospital to be Tom Baker – I don't know what he looks like nowadays, but his voice sounded kind of like he could be, and that would have been so funny. Oh well. Can I last through the weekend to see part 2? Or will I have to watch it tomorrow? Air raids and non-operational phones ringing and gas mask zombies, hooray!

12:52 pm 04 Aug
I couldn't last the weekend! (It helped that I didn't have any work to do this morning.) IT WAS FOOD! I mean ... good. Heheh. G and F, very close on the keyboard, see. I left that in 'cause it was funny. Yes. Um. YES! GOOD SHOW! And I think this must have been the episode I caught a piece of because I distinctly remember that scene with the ... erm ... father guy who could play Fred Colon BUT NOT IN THAT WAY AUGH! Oh, the inappropriate punnage. And I still don't like Jack, and I wouldn't have liked him even if he did die, but I think it's because I just don't like that sort of person,* no matter what heroic things he does. AND BANANAS! I was very glad I had brought a banana with my lunch and I appreciated it all the more when I ate it. I had such an amazingly brilliant idea for a gag sketch and I even drew it but the stupid scanner at work is broken! BLARGH! And by the time it gets fixed I'll have work to do! BLARGH! But it will be done! Hooray! Everybody lives!
I still don't get how being nano-gened gave the kid the power to speak through any speaker grille though. Hmm. I suspect I'm missing something obvious. But it never bothered me while I was watching it and, somehow, doesn't much now. Thank you actors and writer and director for suspending my disbelief!

*At least from the outside. We'll leave Mr Lipwig out of this.
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