Jan. 26th, 2017

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It's been a disorganised couple of weeks, and I'm afraid the radio list reflects that somewhat, but there's some good stuff out there so don't miss it!

Cadfael: Monk's Hood - The television adaptations of the mystery-solving medieval monk were a big part of my teenage years, but the radio adaptations are good enough that I can suspend that attachment and appreciate them on their own right.
Homage to Catalonia - Orwell's memoir of fighting fascism in the Spanish Civil War, dramatised by some of the top talent at the BBC drama department. Probably my favourite dramatisation of any Orwell work that I've heard.
Giselle - Counterintuitively, a ballet on the radio. I haven't listened yet, but "a story of hidden identities, thwarted love and deceased brides who dance men to death" sounds pretty good.
Pinocchio - Whaddaya know, another source material whose deeper content was stripped in the Disney version.
(From Sunday) The Pedestrian - The short story "The Fireman" is often cited as the germ of Fahrenheit 451, but it could be co-germ with this story about someone arrested for walking, in a city dominated by cars and TV.

Slaughter of the Innocents - a profile of the Christian commemoration of the children killed in Bethlehem following the birth of Jesus (which may or may not have happened), the history if its celebration, and relevance today.
The Orwell Tapes - A complicated profile of a complicated man, through interviews with people who knew him.
The Reformation - A brief but excellent look at the religious and social change that transformed Europe in the 15th/16th centuries, with particular attention given to the complicated situation in Britain.
The Novel of the Century - How Victor Hugo's Les Miserables came to be written

John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme - There's yet ANOTHER episode. Blessings come in bundles of six, apparently.
The Unbelievable Truth - John Finnemore turns up again on this panel game where bald-faced lying is the pretext for comedy, instead of national governing policy.
21st Century for Time Travellers - In which the early 21st Century is promoted and explained as a destination for holidays from the future.
Time Spanner - I've linked to this before, but there's just over a week left to listen, and given Radio 4's track record for rerunning one-offs, it may be your last chance. It's hard to describe, but a bit like if the people who made FLCL did a Douglas Adams pastiche?

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