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I have pretty much always drawn while listening to the radio. From my first Harry Potter drawings, done behind the counter of a rarely-visited gift shop with mandatory country music playing, through a few years of film and musical soundtracks and half the Vancouver Public Library's collection of audiobooks, to the discovery of Radio 4 and all that. I need a chew toy to distract the verbal half of my brain and let the bit doing the spatial/fine motor work get on with it.

Once before I've had to make do without much to listen to: In 2007, long after I'd got used to having a computer at my desk with all its streaming and/or distracting opportunities, I interned at James Baxter's studio, the upper floor of an old warehouse and last preserve of analogue animation desks in LA. The other interns had laptops, but I only had my tiny iPod Nano, and after a week or two I'd memorised pretty much everything on it. But an odd thing happened when I ran out of external stimulation, and my Left Brain's clamour for distraction was perforce denied long enough: it shut up and went away to do its own thing, and good lord did I ever get a lot done.

I've been in the same position the last couple of days. I'm in Bristol doing a few days on-site at the studio for which I've been freelancing, doing rotations, the sort of work on which I most "need" something to listen to, and during which I get most of my radio listening done. I do have my laptop with me, just in case, but have not turned it on yet, nevermind accessed the WiFi. And my brain is doing the same thing. It's a little bit miraculous: I thought I was another casualty of our hyper-distracted age, yet here I am, doing relatively tedious work in a silent room, perfectly content.

It's made me resolve to turn off as much as I can when I get back home. I can't imagine going fully without the radio, as it does help to keep me on task when the infinite distractions of working from home (snacks, chores, errands, etc) come knocking, but I need to budget other distractions much more strictly. They aren't doing me much good, anyway – certainly less than what I'd gain with improved concentration and productivity.

Funny how these lessons keep coming back around every few years until you learn them ...

Date: 2017-07-18 11:32 pm (UTC)
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When I hit the word combo James Baxter, I came to a sudden stop. James Baxter is the name of a horse in the Adventure Time series. Turns out James Baxter is also the person who voices James Baxter and who handled his animation. In the series, a flashback shows that the words James and Baxter arose from the horse misreading or mispronouncing the words games and bookstore. So, when I go to feed the miniature horses at work, I say: "James! Baxter!" The horses don't get the joke, but that's not surprising. They don't have a Web hook-up.

Date: 2017-07-20 12:22 pm (UTC)
frith: Spirit as a My Little Pony (MLP Spirit)
From: [personal profile] frith
The animation and scenery are the best parts of Spirit. The narration and the songs, not so much. It was one film I was happy to see in the French translation (several times at the local cinema) just to get away from Matt Damon.

Cool tidbits! Thanks! Scanning through your handy list of feeds, it seems probable that James Baxter doesn't have the drive to scrive. Oh well.

Date: 2017-07-19 09:59 pm (UTC)
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Managing destructive distractions = good, if you also remember that you're not a machine when it comes to productivity ... the brain needs some varied stimuli for optimal productivity (and depression avoidance), too. (Not to mention muscle stretching's importance.)

Any ideas on how to keep from being distracted by the Internet when you have to have said Internet running to *do* your job? Internet-blocking programmes aren't useful in that situation, obviously. (Current job tracks everyone's hours worked through an app; it does work if it's switched on and the Internet connection is turned off afterward, but whether it'll upload hours accurately once the connection's back is iffy.)

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