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Feb. 13th, 2007 10:05 pm
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I've been forcing myself to draw more lately, and got some quality time with my scanner tonight. Unfortunately I left my life drawing pad (which has some worthwhile doodles in it) at my sister's so that'll have to be done later.

More Coffee Pirates )

This scene suddenly struck me as I was walking home today. Usually I fritter away my independence on cooking dinner or doing dishes or – no! – LiveJournal, but today I decided to cash it in and, in an uncharacteristically impulsive move, deviated from my walk home and spent two hours drawing in the library's café. This is the result of that. I've forfeited my overdue laundry night for it, but it was fun and I got a drawing out of it.
This is the scene from Going Postal where Antimony Parker and his Aggie come to thank Moist for delivering the ancient letter. I've bent the text a bit and had Aggie be the old woman in the following:
    'I said is it true you're opening the old place again?' she repeated. 'My granddad used to work there!'
    'Well done him,' said Moist.
    'He said there was a curse!' said the woman, as if the idea was rather pleasing. [...] 'It lives under the floor and drives you maaad!' she went on, enjoying the syllable so much she seemed loath to let it go. 'Maaad!'
I think [ profile] salamandersoup has done this scene and I offer profuse apologies for stealing it, but the muse struck at just the right time and it's been ages since I drew anything from GP so ... I had to, you see? It's been so long, in fact, that Moist is starting to take on some of Willam's characteristsics. Ugh. Anyway, here, now, is (possibly) Moist's P.O.V. of the 'maaad' lady.

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I like the effects I see people get in Open Canvas but never had the time or patience to figure it out for myself... I've been poking around with my revised pirates after work (and, now, this weekend) so here's the result. I've probably forgotten things and could fix others but that's about the limit of my patience (for now) and ought to get back to work on my portfolio.

Verdict? And is it too big? I made it 1000px for the 1024x768 crowd because it's hard to guess on a giganto Cintiq.
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The last half hour of life drawing is usually given to long poses, which I should probably do but they're just so boring, and I don't need any more practise being really nitpicky about accuracy and rendering thank you very much. Tonight I hijacked the model and made her into pirates instead.

1. Pumpkin Spice, having to adapt her from a much curvier, stockier model, so some of the proportions are a bit weird.
2. Pumpkin again, trying to capture a look of contempt, struggling with the hat, then randomly deciding to make it a lifting pose which isn't reflected in the head and neck at all. Blah.
3. Matcha and her colouring book.

Movin' Up

Feb. 3rd, 2007 04:51 pm
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As much for my own organisational sake as anything, I've set up [ profile] coffeepirates. Come along and contribute! The more the merrier! I know there are some good writers who read this blog, so if your narrative bone is tickled, please feel welcome to add your two cents.
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Here's the re-do, sorting out some silhouette and posing problems, changing the characters that were to be changed, and shading things enough to make sense out of the mess of lines.

From left to right they are: Pumpkin Spice, Perc, Nakuru, Frapp, and Matcha

Details, as they stand )
I still have more details to sort through but that'll be a project for the brand spanking new [ profile] coffeepirates thingy!


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